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Message From: Liz & John Porter August 1, 2014
Simba,(now Sam) is doing very well. He has made friends with our other 2 cats and seems to be adjusting to his new home. We support A New Beginning's Rescue & Adoption efforts. They truly do an amazing job fostering and finding homes for cats.

Message From: Hallie March 8, 2014
Like the cool props you set up for your photos! So professional looking!

Message From: Barb January 1, 2014
Finally looked at your card & realized you had a web site. I plan to be a monthly donor from now on. Keep up the good work!!

Message From: Tracey Woolfson December 12, 2013
My husband and I adopted "Merry" today! We changed her name to Misty. We've had her since 2pm and she's adjusted very nicely to her new surroundings ... we are so in love with her !!

Message From: Ginny August 27, 2013
After only a few days in our home, Hatter has made himself quite comfortable. He really is quite the snuggle-bug.

Message From: Beth July 30, 2013
What great pictures! I hope all the cats find their forever homes soon.

Message From: Kristin March 31, 2013
I love what you have added to your web page, including my two babies' info-Jefferson and Bentley. You are a blessing from God to the cats of Hampton Roads!

Message From: DP November 21, 2009
Looks Good... Good Luck

Message From: Vonnie November 6, 2009
Looks great!